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Count/Earl Cain Love

[we heart Yuki Kaori]

Count Cain
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The original Livejournal community for fans of Godchild, Cain Saga, Count Cain, and Kaori Yuki!

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Welcome to Livejournal's first and original Count Cain Community (or Earl Cain, Hakushaku Cain, Cain Saga, God Child; whichever you prefer to call it as)! The purpose of this community is to bring together all Count Cain fans to a laid back, fun place where we can basically be fans!

Rules (omg nooo!)
_1. You can post pretty much anything as long as it's related to this wonderful series by the wonderful mangaka Kaori Yuki. Your multi-fandom role-playing advertisements don't have anything to do with this, so don't even try to post it. The only exception to this rule would be if it was a Kaori Yuki or Godchild-specific role play, and even then clearly mark in non-mystical terms what it's about.

__1a. I'm so down with you advertising your Kaori Yuki goods, but either have a KY-majority collection you're advertising or link individually to the relevant product. And please make sure it doesn't come across as a generic, cross-post. We'd like our members and visitors to be subject to better posts while browsing this community.

_2. If your post contains spoilers as in, oh, the end of the series and whatnot (use your own discretion), you should probably put it under a LJ-cut. This goes with large images (sometimes it messes with friends lists), multiple images (ah, dial-up issues here), fanfiction longer than a couple hundred words, and anything that's non work/school safe.

_3. Use common sense when posting/commenting and don't be stupid. I won't say "no, you can't say this" or "no, you can't say that" because you can and you're entitled to. But however much I might want to try and protect your free speech, there are some people who might not take what you say as lightly as I may. And if the mods are snarky with you or you're snarky with the mods, it's okay. You won't be banned or anything (we're not mad like that!).

_4. As a precaution against possible deletion (because this is a crazy series, after all), put all fanart, fanfiction, etc. dealing with shota, incest, or rape under a friends lock. Discussion and questions about canonical events in the manga dealing with these issues, though, are exempted from this new rule.

Oh. Your moderators? unicorn_san (community and design maintainer) and emi01 (community maintainer and owner). So don't be afraid to come to us with questions!

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*If we've missed a related community or you want something to be in misc., please drop us a line!

Discussion/input on current community rules.